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Following their muse

Each winter, the University College Drama Program mounts a production featuring its graduating class-a select group of young actors who […]

16 February, 2006
Fringe binge

Wondering what that long lineup you saw at some point last week was for? Well, another July brings yet another […]

18 July, 2005
Nobody’s Idol

Though it’s easy to cringe as acerbic judge Simon Cowell takes shots at a new round of singer-wannabes on the […]

22 March, 2005
Curtain closed

The 13th annual U of T Drama Festival took place last week at Hart House Theatre. While adjudicator Shari Hollett […]

27 January, 2005
Ambitious Othello

A fellow member of the campus theatre community once asked me why The Varsity always ran such glowing reviews of […]

16 November, 2004
Revisiting their Youth

How do you fill a Toronto theatre with upwardly mobile twenty-somethings? It’s a question companies across the city have been […]

30 September, 2004

JULY 21 – TOP 10 NIGHTIt’s a normal summer evening in the heart of the city-hot dog vendors and french […]

7 September, 2004
Billy’s talent

It’s summer in Toronto, and for ten wannabe singers, Canadian Idol 2 is the fast road to fame. The Canuck […]

19 July, 2004
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