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Facebook is fuelled by dollar signs, not democracy

The company’s profit-motivated responses to fake news and echo chambers should push us to take matters into our own hands

5 February, 2018
Killing for conservation

Conservation strategies in developing regions should work to foster development, not hinder it

22 January, 2018
What does it mean to respect religious freedom?

Québec’s Bill 62 represents a limited and disingenuous understanding of basic liberties

3 December, 2017
Fact-checking Facebook

How getting our news from social media changes the nature of the information we receive

12 November, 2017
Crack down on harassment, not protest

The ban on abortion facility protests, though well-intentioned, violates fundamental rights

22 October, 2017
An ode to the brilliance of Roger Federer

The tennis great embodies all that is inspiring about sport

20 August, 2017
What’s in a joke?

Kathy Griffin, Louis CK, and the pressing need for intelligent humour in comedy

6 August, 2017
Are unpaid internships fair?

Two contributors spar over concerns about unpaid internships

26 February, 2017
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