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Commenting on 2018

Contributors opine on the biggest stories of the past year

9 January, 2019
Comment Up Close, Episode 6

Columnist Roundtable

11 April, 2018
Controversial clubs deserve funding too

Having an unpopular opinion shouldn’t mean being denied student union recognition

1 April, 2018
It’s time to get rid of daylight saving time

Alongside health risks and economic costs, losing sleep is the last thing students need

19 March, 2018
If we want to save the planet, let’s look to our laws

Students should rally behind strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

25 February, 2018
Facebook is fuelled by dollar signs, not democracy

The company’s profit-motivated responses to fake news and echo chambers should push us to take matters into our own hands

5 February, 2018
Killing for conservation

Conservation strategies in developing regions should work to foster development, not hinder it

22 January, 2018
What does it mean to respect religious freedom?

Québec’s Bill 62 represents a limited and disingenuous understanding of basic liberties

3 December, 2017
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Zach Rosen

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