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Truth is stranger than fiction

In most animal species males are the dominant and more aggressive of the sexes, and “forced copulation” with females is […]

5 April, 2005
Sayonara from the Science Editor

This is the 98th and final issue of The Varsity that I have helped create as science editor, and comes […]

5 April, 2005
Temperature rising

“Most of the great coral reefs on the planet will likely be gone by 2020,” says U of T’s Dr. […]

10 March, 2005
Cocaine eyedrop test for Parkinson’s

At present there is no test that doctors can use to test for Parkinson’s, but researchers in Japan say they […]

28 February, 2005
Invisible galaxy discovered

Astrophysicists have discovered a galaxy made entirely of dark matter, in the Virgo constellation. Named VIRGOHI21, it is the first […]

28 February, 2005
Diaries of a student barmaid

Possibly the smartest thing I have done wasn’t dropping twenty grand on an Honours B.Sc.-it was bartending at a nightclub […]

24 February, 2005
Making sense of smell

“Here, smell this, tell me what you think it smells like,” said biophysicist Dr. Luca Turin, seated in his garden […]

21 February, 2005
Monkeys give up food for sexy photos

A recent study has found that male macaques will readily give up food in order to look at photos of […]

10 February, 2005
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