We knew we could count on Ottawa to do the right thing. Just as this country’s potheads were rousing themselves

Mini-med school needs to up the dosage

The recent Mini-Med School lecture series (offered through Continuing Education at the Faculty of Medicine) raises a number of questions


Philosophical positions have nothing to do with sexWhile I didn’t attend Mr. Kreeft’s lecture, and therefore do not wish to

Where has the love gone?

Walking around handing out flyers, promoting what I think is a great cause, at the busiest time of day, and


In defence of KreeftFrom several rather alarmist reports now circulating in the U of T press, one would think Peter


Should safety and security ever overrule basic democratic freedoms? Ever since 9/11 this question has held centre stage, until the

Racism is not the issue

Recently, the issue of racism has appeared on campus and in the federal government. President Birgeneau’s well-publicized slip-of the-tongue regarding