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Scarborough student union election results in split executive

Shine Bright UTSC’s Chemi Lhamo wins presidency

Scarborough student union election results in split executive

After two weeks of campaigning, the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) election results have been released, and next year’s executive will be split between the two major slates.

Current SCSU Vice-President Equity Chemi Lhamo of Shine Bright UTSC will be the next president, winning 837 votes to defeat independent John John. SCSYou’s presidential candidate Anup Atwal was disqualified from the race at midnight before the voting period began on February 5. There were 124 spoiled ballots in the presidential race.

SCSYou’s Carly Sahagian was elected Vice-President Academics & University Affairs over Shine Bright UTSC candidate Raymond Dang, who currently sits on the student union’s board as Director of Political Science. The count was 837‚Äď594, with 82 spoiled ballots.

SCSYou candidate Chaman Bukhari, co-president of the Pakistani Students’ Association, will be the next Vice-President External. He won against Shine Bright UTSC’s Kalkidan Alemayehu. The count was 790‚Äď602, with 61 spoiled ballots.

Sarah Mohamed of Shine Bright UTSC won the election for Vice-President Campus Life over independent¬†Shehtabbanu Shaikh. Rival slate SCSYou did not put up a candidate for the position. The count was 950‚Äď407, with 111 spoiled ballots.

For Vice-President Operations and Vice-President Equity, there was a difference of less than five per cent between each candidate.

According to the SCSU Elections Procedure Code, this means an automatic recount will take place.

The Vice-President Operations race was between SCSYou candidate Rayyan Alibux and Shine Bright UTSC candidate Kevin Turingan. The Vice-President Equity race was between SCSYou candidate Tebat Kadhem and Shine Bright UTSC candidate Leon Tsai.

The Academics & University Affairs race had the highest voter turnout at 1,513 votes. According to SCSU’s website, its membership numbers at around 14,000 students, meaning that, at most, the voter turnout was a little more than 10 per cent.

Out of the 16 seats available on the Board of Directors, Shine Bright UTSC won seven, SCSYou won four, an independent candidate won one, and the remaining four had less than a five per cent difference and will be sent to a recount.


Incumbents win big in GTA elections

John Tory, Mike Layton, Matt Mahoney, Bonnie Crombie cruise to victory, newcomer Jennifer McKelvie wins by narrow margin

Incumbents win big in GTA elections

It‚Äôs decision day in the GTA, and voters have chosen incumbent Mayor John Tory to run Toronto for four more years. On the council side, incumbents Mike Layton and Matt Mahoney won out in University‚ÄĒRosedale and Mississauga Ward 8 respectively, while newcomer Jennifer McKelvie prevailed over incumbent Neethan Shan in Scarborough‚ÄĒRouge Park.

Mayoral results
With 1786 out of 1800 polls reporting, Tory is projected to win with 63.55 per cent of the vote, easily surpassing runner up Jennifer Keesmaat, who is currently at only 23.52 per cent.

Tonight’s result was also a large improvement on Tory’s 2014 win, when he received 40.3 per cent.

Tory made affordability the central theme of his campaign, with his website reading that he has a ‚Äúcommitment to keeping Toronto affordable.‚ÄĚ After receiving criticism for how he handled the nearly 100 homeless deaths in Toronto in 2017, Tory has said that he will create 400 more spaces in shelters.

In Mississauga, incumbent Bonnie Crombie is projected to win by a large margin, with 349 out of 692 polls reporting that she will receive 75.6 per cent of the vote. Runner-up Kevin J. Johnston came away with only 13.5 per cent. Crombie’s win was also an improvement from her 2014 showing, when she won 68 per cent.

During her time in office, Crombie started initiatives such as ‚ÄėMaking Room for the Middle,‚Äô which aims to keep housing affordable for middle-class families and create a safer city.

Mike Layton, the incumbent councillor for Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina, won big in the new Ward 11 University‚ÄĒRosedale against six other challengers.

Layton, who has been in office since 2010, won 69.56 per cent of the votes with all polls reporting, while runner-up Joyce Rowlands came away with only 13.16 per cent.

Part of Layton‚Äôs platform was that local government needs to ‚Äúget back in the business of building affordable housing.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúSometimes we call things affordable that really aren‚Äôt because our definition of affordable is average market rent across the city,‚ÄĚ said Layton.

Matt Mahoney, incumbent councillor for Ward 8, is projected to win re-election with a landslide 80 per cent. Mahoney has been in office since 2014.

Mahoney hopes to create a transit pass with one fee, and he said that his office has met with Mayor Bonnie Crombie, the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union, and the university administration to discuss collaborating with other municipalities.

In one of the closest races of the night, incumbent Councillor Neethan Shan lost to former U of T student and UTSC Campus Council member Jennifer McKelvie.

With all polls reporting, McKelvie won 41.01 per cent ‚ÄĒ 11,523 votes ‚ÄĒ while Shan won 38.69 per cent ‚ÄĒ 10,872 votes.
McKelvie is an environmental geoscientist who headed the Scarborough Community Renewal Organization and served as a board member on the UTSC Campus Council.

Shan was a former school board member who won in a Scarborough municipal by-election in 2017.

McKelvie ran on a platform of safe school zones, new housing options for seniors, and an integrated Scarborough transit system, which would include an extension to the current subway system, the Eglinton East light rail transit, and improved bus services.