“This song is about a guy that I hate. Someday, if you’re lucky enough, I’ll write a song about you,” says local singer/songwriter Sara Kamin with a laugh of seriousness.

To hear Sara Kamin talk, you wouldn’t believe she’s a singer. Loud, sarcastic exterior masks an impressive—a dare I say—”angelic” voice.

Influenced by artists ranging from Jann Arden, Billie Holiday and even Brit rock like the Stereophonics, Kamin dreams of being another girl with her guitar. “I guess my sound could be called folk-pop, but the vocals tend to be kind of blues/jazz and powerful…not typical of most folk singers.”

Releasing her debut seven-track EP In Her Own Time recently, this U of T Bachelor of Science grad is catching on fast.

“The run was only 500 copies, of which I have only a handful left. I will go back into the studio sometime soon with new material to put out a new full-length CD.”

No stranger to hard work, Kamin has also studied voice, piano, guitar and songwriting at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

“The conservatory is traditionally thought of as a classically-oriented institution, but I have been lucky enough to find teachers who have supported my musical endeavours, even though they are outside the classical genre.”

Keeping things close to her own experiences, Kamin assures that In Her Own Time doesn’t delve into in any new topics.

“A Perfect World” and “She’s All You’ve Got” are among the best tracks on the EP, but are somewhat typical, albeit well-written songs on love and relationships.

“I like the boys. I like the boys a lot. As many men can attest to, because I’ve wanted them,” laughs Kamin. Downloads of her songs “Mary” and “Your Fears” are available on her website www.sarakamin.com. Kamin aims to complete her Honours degree next year and later a Masters program in music therapy. In the meantime, she will continue to perform and make music at her own pace.

“I have written about 20 new songs since the EP came out, so my shows are usually comprised of a mix between songs from my record as well as a lot of new material.”

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