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Editorial: A student newspaper is a democracy

This is your newspaper. It’s a small group of us that put in the long hours and late nights that […]

5 April, 2004
SAC to celebrate own history with parties, black tie banquet

The Students’ Administrative Council (SAC) will spend $210,000 on a series of events to promote the 101st anniversary of the […]

31 July, 2002
Varsity Blue does double duty

Michael Glenney provides a refreshing reminder of what it’s like to be a regular guy who happens to play sports. […]

31 July, 2002
David Suzuki event may result in lawsuit

David Suzuki’s lecture on March 25 was a real success—perhaps too much so. The Students’ Administrative Council will take legal […]

8 April, 2002
A night worth remembering

U of T’s athletic stars were shining bright on Thursday evening as the annual Intercollegiate Awards Banquet took place at […]

8 April, 2002
‘Illegal’ tuition hike outrages science students

When Meghyn Garner began flipping through her copy of the new Arts & Science registration handbook, she never predicted she’d […]

8 April, 2002
The essential Varsity guide to exams

It’s exam time and you’re totally freaking out! Your friends are too busy with their own studies to console you, […]

3 April, 2002
The art of procrastination

The way in which students tend to approach assignments—with horror, futility and elaborate avoidance—smacks of the symptoms of certain psychological […]

3 April, 2002
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