Last Thursday, U of T Campus Police released a report warning the public about a man wanted for two counts of indecent exposure.

The suspect was first reported to Campus Police on September 16 when he reportedly exposed himself to a 21 year old female student in an open-study area before approaching her and committing an indecent act. He had a black t-shirt pulled up to hide his face, and fled when the student got up and began to leave. She reported that he was wearing reddish-orange boxer shorts.

In the second incident, the man approached two women while they were studying in a building, exposed himself, and committed an indecent act. The women, aged 22 and 23, reported that he was wearing a black balaclava, white t-shirt, black shorts, and black running shoes. The suspect fled when one of the women screamed.

According to reports, the man is white and has dark eyes and dark eyebrows. He is in his 20s, has a medium build, and is approximately 5’10”.

If seen, police are asking members of the U of T community to not approach him and contact Campus Police immediately at 416-978-2222. They are also requesting any information about either of the previous incidents.

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