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‘Killer sperm’ help maintain species barrier

Conflict between male and female Caenorhabditis nematodes leads to reproductive isolation

4 August, 2014 No comments

Marching towards better support for survivors of acquired brain injuries

March of Dimes Canada donates $1.5 million in research funds to U of T

23 July, 2014 No comments
Study: Sleep apnea found to be predictor for diabetes

U of T researchers conduct historical cohort review of more than 8,000 patients

27 July, 2014
Study: U of T researchers create new nanoparticle for use in photovoltaics

New nanoparticle will lead to increased efficiency of infrared lasers and solar cells

20 July, 2014
No comments
Biological joint replacement revolutionized by 3D printing

U of T researchers use 3D printers to create regenerative joint replacements

17 July, 2014
No comments
Study: Canola oil may be valuable for type 2 diabetics

Adding canola oil to a low-glycemic-load diet has potential benefits for type 2 diabetics

14 July, 2014
No comments
Study: Rise in specific brain protein linked to perimenopausal depression

Monoamine oxidase A depletes certain neurotransmitters, leading to depression in perimenopausal women

14 July, 2014
No comments
Excavated Metaspriggina fossils unveil origin of jaws

U of T palaeontologist and team find ancient fish fossils in British Columbia

10 July, 2014
No comments
Toronto hosts second-ever International Asexuality Conference

WorldPride-affiliated event sheds light on history of asexuality and the growing “ace” community

7 July, 2014
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U of T student company AeroVelo to launch fastest human-powered bike

New bike “Eta” being designed to break world record

7 July, 2014
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