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Study: Canola oil may be valuable for type 2 diabetics

Adding canola oil to a low-glycemic-load diet has potential benefits for type 2 diabetics

14 July, 2014 No comments

Toronto hosts second-ever International Asexuality Conference

WorldPride-affiliated event sheds light on history of asexuality and the growing “ace” community

7 July, 2014 No comments
Study: U of T researchers create new nanoparticle using photovoltaics

New nanoparticle will lead to increased efficiency of infrared lasers and solar cells

20 July, 2014
No comments
Study: Rise in specific brain protein linked to perimenopausal depression

Monoamine oxidase A depletes certain neurotransmitters, leading to depression in perimenopausal women

14 July, 2014
No comments
Excavated Metaspriggina fossils unveil origin of jaws

U of T palaeontologist and team find ancient fish fossils in British Columbia

10 July, 2014
No comments
U of T student company AeroVelo to launch fastest human-powered bike

New bike “Eta” being designed to break world record

7 July, 2014
No comments
New research institute to study end of life care announced

U of T and University Health Network collaborate to launch new institute for palliative care

30 June, 2014
No comments
Study: Measurement science revolutionized

U of T physicists use quantum mechanics to overcome significant challenge in science of measurement

25 June, 2014
No comments
Science outside the classroom: YouTube

Science-focused YouTube channels provide accessible, concise explanations of complex concepts

23 June, 2014
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Study: Quantum simulator suggests new principle in atomic gases

U of T researchers achieve lowest levels of temperature and pressure to understand quantum materials

23 June, 2014
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