Surprise, surprise—the Varsity Blues Football team finished the 2002 season with another loss. This time it came from the hands of the Waterloo Warriors, who beat the Blues at Birchmount Stadium last Saturday.

In the first quarter Waterloo took an early lead, with a field goal 3:42 into the game. They then responded with a single to give them a quick 4-0 lead over the Blues. The Blues responded in the second quarter with a 25-yard field goal from Blues kicker George Chilakos. This brought the score at half time 4-3 for the visiting team.

With 6:37 into the third quarter, the Blues did something they have not done all year: taking a lead in a game. This happened when Blues quarterback Carter Livingstone scampered 4 yards into the end zone, giving the Blues a 10-4 lead over Waterloo.

Then, as it has all season, reality set in and Waterloo scored three unanswered touchdowns, wiping out all hopes of a U of T victory. The loss completes the Blues’ winless season, their third in the last five years.

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