Like many, many before me I’m here to offer you an editorial address and introduction to your first year at the University of Toronto. First of all, congrats! You’ve made the transition from a wide-eyed high-schooler to a future in the big city. Get ready for a cool, bohemian existence of conversations in cafes about Kafka, pondering the meaning of existence whilst strolling down Philosopher’s Walk, and enlightened discussions with Canada’s greatest minds. Or dinner out of a truck and a keg party down the street. Whatever works.

As one of 65,000 studying at Canada’s largest university in Canada’s largest city, there are a lot of things to get used to. And that’s what we’re here for. The Student Handbook ‘07 is your go-to guide for your new life on and off campus. We’ll show you where to shop, where to work out, where to party, and even where to get a date. Whether you want to spend your next four (or more) years in the field, at the lab, or protesting tuition fees—this is your campus, your city and your newspaper. And it doesn’t stop there.

Everyone from your grandmother to your guidance counsellor espouses the virtues of the university experience, but what does it really mean? Ideally, this big, bad institution gives you the chance to discover yourself anew. Never again will you have the opportunity to meet the diverse and fiercely intelligent student body that you’ll share cappuccinos and French kisses with; never again will you experience the level of opportunities tailor-made to the interests you want to pursue, or reach the academic and intellectual heights that U of T offers. (And finally without that embarrassing nickname from Grade 6 following you around like a lost puppy!) This is truly the most exciting time in your life, in one of the best cities in the world—so get out there, you mover and/or shaker! And why not pick up a copy of The Varsity while you’re at it? We’re looking forward to seeing you in our pages—and you reading them too.

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