Benjamin: 1st Year, English

“We do not have the choice of when, where, or why we are born, so the capability to choose when, where, or why we die is difficult to comprehend. Some people want to die or end their suffering, and if they have come to that conclusion they should be given as many options as possible.”

Mariella: 1st Year, Life Sciences

“I think it depends on the family of the person who is sick. It depends also on what the person might have thought before they got sick and what the doctors think are their chances of survival.”

Heather: 5th Year, English, History, Book and Media Studies

“Quebec is a distinct society, so of course their laws are more bitchin’. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna do it. It’s not eugenics.”

Yoli: 4th Year, Fine Art History and Visual Studies

“Yes, I think euthanasia should be legal. People should have the choice to die whenever they feel is right, because they shouldn’t suffer and make those around them suffer as well.”

Xaida: 5th Year, English

“Yes, but obviously certain restrictions and limitations need to be applied.”


Matt: 2nd Year, English

“In certain situations it could definitely be a plausible option, because if these people have no chance of making a recovery the doctors should be able to make a decision.”