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The Toronto East York Community Council recently met to decide the fate of local restaurant Fresh’s proposal to build an enclosed patio.

The Trinity Bellwoods Community Association (TBCA) and the Toronto Public Space Initiative (TPSI) stand firm against the local restaurant’s application to build the patio. Both organizations say Fresh’s bid will set precedent for other area restaurants, ultimately destroying the vibrant open air patio culture of the community.

In an interview, Chris Shulgan, the TBCA co-chair, referred to the Queen St. and Crawford St. location as “the gateway to the community.” He is concerned that Fresh’s building expansion will cut off part of the community and detract from the aesthetic value of the neighbourhood.

The TPSI’s co-chair Jayme Turney said that, “There is no justification for a restaurant to take over public space.”

Both the TBCA and TPSI stated this was not an attack on Fresh but a defence of the city’s open air patio culture.

The council deferred its decision in a meeting on November 2 until residents in the Trinity-Bellwoods community are polled on their opinion. The final verdict will be known in the new year.

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