In-person voting will be open at UTM for 5 extra hours on Friday

Students at the Mississauga campus will be allowed to vote in-person in the UTSU spring elections from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm tomorrow, March 14.

Voting¬†was originally scheduled to close at¬†6:30 pm¬†on March 13. However, UTM¬†students were allowed¬†more time¬†because the campus closed at¬†1:00 pm on March 12¬†due to¬†inclement weather.¬†The Elections and Referenda Committee [ERC] has ruled that since UTM students lost the ability to vote on campus for 5 hours, accommodations needed to be made,” said Munib Sajjad, president of the UTSU and chair of the ERC.¬†

St. George students will not receive any additional voting time because the UTSG campus did not close. The online voting service at will also close at 6:30 PM today as scheduled.

Election¬†results will accordingly¬†be announced¬†after¬†all votes, including¬†those from UTM’s¬†additional¬†voting hours, are counted.


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