Many students away from campus for summer, unable to vote

Some Ontario student unions are expressing concern over youth voter turnout ahead of Thursday’s provincial election. With the election in June, some students who are away from campus during the summer may have difficulty casting a ballot.

According to Alastair Woods, chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario (CFS-O), it is more difficult to encourage students away from campus to vote.

During the school year, Woods said, the CFS-O facilitates on-campus voting by setting up polling stations and running campaigns to increase voter awareness.

Under Elections Ontario rules, students can vote in either their school riding or their home riding.

Cambrian College student Rebecca Dorst encountered difficulty while attempting to cast a ballot. Dorst is from Bowmanville, but attends school in Sudbury.

“A lot of students I’ve talked to are in the same boat as me,” she said, adding, “They’re from a different city, and they are like, ‘well I’m just not going to vote.’ ”

With files from CBC News

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