The University of Toronto Students’ Law Society (SLS) has released a statement opposing the motion put forward by the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) to change its board of directors’ structure.
All Faculty of Law students are members of the SLS.
The new board would be composed of 10 constituency directors. Almost all college and divisional societies would lose board representation.
The SLS cited three reasons for opposing the motion, including the loss of a dedicated law faculty representative at the UTSU. The press release also claimed that the UTSU “chose not to pursue other reasonable options to reform its board structure,” and cited the “UTSU’s continuing disregard for democratic principles and the opinions of its members.”
“I think it’s absurd that the UTSU is even considering this new structure. This move will only further alienate and anger the faculties and colleges who are already very dissatisfied with current UTSU practices. This is another step towards undemocratic rule by the UTSU governing slate and I oppose it completely,” said 3L Student Governance and Affairs representative Billi Wun.

Press Release – SLS on UTSU AGM