University of Toronto–educated physician, Joshua Liu, created an app that aims to reduce patient readmission rates after a surgical procedure.

Liu, the co-founder and CEO of Seamless Mobile Health, is one of four speakers scheduled to speak at this year’s TEDxUofT, a community-organized branch of the global conference series.

The other speakers include Avis Glaze, an educational leader who has made it her mission to increase graduation rates among students with disadvantaged backgrounds; Carmen Logie, an assistant professor at U of T’s Faculty of Social Work who researches health equity; and Kang Lee, a professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education who researches face processing and the development of lying.

The speakers were announced at the 2015 conference launch event on November 18.

This year’s conference, titled “A Constellation of Insights,” is designed to connect spirits, ideas, and discoveries.

According to TEDxUofT chair and UTSC student Jeanny Yao, the conference will centre on connecting pieces of the global puzzle to give the audience a broader picture.

Nabhia Pasarcha, a launch event attendee, said the conference offers students an opportunity to engage with research that often goes unnoticed. “These speakers are people in the community that you are not really looking at, and this conference gives you a chance to see the people doing work behind the scenes,” says Pasarcha.

Amin Sharifi, TEDxUofT partnerships director, says the conference serves as both a learning experience and a networking opportunity. “There is a difference between watching a speaker online and listening to them in-person,” says Sharifi.

Attendance for the event is limited due to space constraints. Victoria Banderob, TEDxUofT social media executive, says that conference organizers plan to sell around 400 tickets.

According to Banderob, the conference is scheduled for March 15, 2015.

Conference organizers are currently seeking volunteers.