It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us have made resolutions to become healthier.

A simple way to start eating healthier is by consuming more nutritious snacks. Rather than grabbing a bag of chips before class; whole grain tortilla chips and salsa make a great alternative.

This combination tastes great and is great for you. When buying tortilla chips, check to make sure that first ingredient listed is a whole grain, whether it is barley, brown rice, wheat, or corn.

Whole grains have not been refined, meaning that none of the vitamins, fiber, minerals, or fats have been removed. Meanwhile, most multigrain or white grain options are processed, and as a result many essential nutrients are removed. The various vitamins, minerals, and fats assist in essential bodily functions such as growth and development. Additionally, the fiber found in whole grains help to keep the digestive system regulated.

Something else to be aware of when purchasing tortilla chips is to pick ones that are low in sodium, as too much salt can increase blood pressure.

Salsa can be helpful in increasing your vegetable intake while minimizing sodium, fat, and calorie intake.

Commercial salsas contain anywhere from 90-270 mg of sodium per two tablespoons, and generally the suggested daily sodium limit is around 2300 mg. In these salsas, there is no added fat and only small amounts of added sugar.

There are a wide range of salsas available in grocery stores with various fruits and vegetables included to suit your personal taste.

As most of us know, fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and it has been proven that diets rich in produce can help decrease the risk of chronic diseases.

Salsa is rich in vitamins C and A, which can help increase collagen production in the body, which can create more lustrous skin, and assists in thyroid function and regulation.

This portable and nutritious snack can help you eat healthier without forfeiting taste.