The Woodsworth Performing Art Collective’s (WolfPAC) performance of Molière’s The Miser made for a lighthearted comedic production with a satisying twist ending.

The set was simple, creating an easy intimacy through its proximity to the  audience, although not quite managing to portray the grandeur one might expect from a wealthy miser’s elegant home.

The acting in the first few scenes was at times bland and often shaky, with a few lines getting lost in the midst of the action. The actors, however, managed to find their stride towards the intermission, and Act II progressed in a much smoother fashion. Stand-out performances included Audrey Amar, as a volatile Frosine; Naseem Reesha as the titular miser whose irritable manner served its purpose well as the main antagonist; and Michael Dineen and Armon Ghaeinizadeh as La Fleche and Master Jacques respectively, minor characters whose humor and sarcasm stole the scene on more than one occasion.

The cast was well-suited for the light tone of the story and managed to perform the comedy without too many hiccups and more than a few laughs.