Unofficial results for this year’s University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) elections indicate that the opposition slate, Brighter UofT, has won all executive positions.

According to the unofficial results, Ben Coleman was elected president by a margin of 3,630 to 3,147. Sania Khan was elected vice-president, equity by a margin of 3,518 to 2,812. Jasmine Denike was elected vice-president, external by a margin of 3,500 to 2,837. Ryan Gomes was elected vice-president, internal & services by a margin of 3,604 to 2,886. Vere-Marie Khan was elected vice-president, university affairs by a margin of 3,652 to 2,848.

Each executive candidate election had over 1,000 spoiled ballots with the exception of the presidential race, which had 988 spoiled ballots.

Brighter UofT also won the majority of seats on the board of directors.

The results must still be ratified at a UTSU board of directors meeting on Monday.

Full story in print on Monday.

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