The University of Toronto Mississauga today announced plans for a fall reading week.

Beginning in October 2016, students will have no classes on the four days immediately following Thanksgiving Monday. The plan will be reassessed after two years.

“A fall reading week will be an important component of our students’ success,” said Deep Saini, UTM principal in a statement.

“It will allow students extra time to focus on their academics, and spend time reading and better understanding course material. And it will also offer them a chance to relax, catch up with friends and family, and enjoy a much-welcomed mental health break, particularly for our first-year students transitioning to the university environment,” the statement added.

The campus will still have 12 weeks of classes in both the fall and winter semester. However, students will have a shorter break at the end of the fall semester between the last day of classes and the beginning of the exam period.

UTSC already has a week-long break in the fall term, while St. George does not. In 2009, the Faculty of Arts & Science lowered fall break from five days to two days, and added a two day break in December.