Woodsworth impeaches vice-president, external affairs

WCSA board removed Asad Jamal due to absenteeism, non-performance of duties, president says

On Sunday, August 9, Asad Jamal, vice president of external affairs for the Woodsworth College Students’ Association (WCSA) was formally removed from his position on the Board of Directors by impeachment, due to absences from meetings and failing to perform his expected duties.

“[Jamal] was dismissed due to absenteeism and non-performance of duties which is outlined in our governing documents,” said Olivia Hauck, WCSA president.

The duties of the vice-president, external affairs include liaising with, and attending the meetings of, other organizations, as well as chairing the External Commission. According to Hauck, Jamal did not attend the meeting at which members voted to impeach him, despite being given a formal warning and the opportunity to speak.

As per the WCSA Absenteeism and Non-Performance of Duties Policy, the president and vice-president of internal affairs are responsible for ensuring that the executives and representatives perform their duties in accordance with the constitution and in accordance with board policies, as well as any other standing resolutions passed by the board.

In the event of absenteeism and non-performance of duties, either the president or the vice-president of internal affairs must issue a warning in writing to the member in question. In compliance with these written guidelines, Jamal was sent a first official warning on July 23. Hauck and Teeka Cookson, vice-president, internal affairs, then issued him a second warning on August 2, confirming the intent to motion for his dismissal from the WCSA board.

Currently, Aakansha John is fulfilling the role of vice-president, external affairs on an interim basis until a by-election occurs in the fall. A student in her fourth year at U of T, John previously served on the WCSA board of directors as the off-campus students’ director.

Jamal did not respond to The Varsity’s requests for comment.

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