UOttawa students co-found publishing house

A panel discussion event for young Muslim women hoping to affect positive change in their communities inspired three Somali-Canadian students at the University of Ottawa, to co-found Qurtuba Publishing House. TIlhan, Hodan, and Ayan Ibrahim aim to shift the negative portrayal and misrepresentation of Muslim culture in Western mainstream media by creating a platform for discussion and knowledge dissemination about relevant issues that Western Muslims face. The publishing house is named after a city called Qurtuba that was known for its cultural diversity, technological advances, paved roads, and a tolerant and cultivated society. In their choice of name, the sisters wanted to reflect the values of the platform their company aims to create. With a few books already published and several more on their way, the Ibrahims hope to host workshops and seminars that will provide Muslims the tools needed to face modern challenges and ensure accessibility to knowledge.

— Enxhi Kondi

With files from My 252

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