Con Hall

See that pedestrian-only zone? It’s there for a reason. Have your picture taken in front of the former set from Mean Girls.

The Athletic Centre

Go where the pros are. Nothing says ‘pumping iron’ like the classic post-workout mirror selfie.

Victoria College Quad

Beauty is fleeting, but not at the Victoria College quad. No matter the season, the quad featuring the pond and waterfall is continuously the most gorgeous spot on campus.

At the library

Geek is great; capture yourself shamelessly devoting time to your studies in any of U of T’s study areas.

Varsity Stadium

Homecoming’s come and gone, but the sports season is still chugging along. Watch a game, take a group photo, and prove to the Internet that you’re a sociable creature!

University College Quad

Channel your inner academic by sprawling out on the grass with some readings, and snapping a picture with some tranquil scenery.

Medical Science Building

Whether you’re a fan of brutalism or not, the double-helix sculpture in front of the medsci building is undeniably nifty, and the perfect place for a low angle shot.