Alessia Rodríguez, independent candidate for vice president, campus life. Mallika Makkar/THE VARSITY

“My plans right now are to get everything back on track,” said Alessia Rodriguez, the newly appointed vice-president, campus life for the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU).

Elected at a UTSU Board of Directors meeting on January 23, Rodriguez replaces Akshan Bansal, who was impeached in December following a string of complaints and an allegation of sexual assault

Before her appointment, Rodriguez was working as Bansal’s associate, a position she had held since June of 2015. “Being part of the process since the beginning has provided me with the knowledge and practice to make this transition as smooth as possible and continue working on everything that was set,” she said.

Rodriguez helped 300 clubs obtain UTSU recognition and she is preparing to take the next step. “My goal now is to approve funding, so clubs can make their events happen,” she stated. 

Rodriguez said that she also hopes to improve communication between the union and campus clubs and faculties. She plans to make herself readily available to different clubs in the U of T community, stating, “I am committed to meet with as many clubs as I can, if possible one each day. I want people to know that I am here to listen.”

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