In her piece “Steady but slow”, Naomi Stuleanu opines that the university hasn’t done enough to make the committee’s report public. In fact, the report has been posted and disseminated in various ways, including:

  • Prominently featured at
  • Sent directly to all 45 student societies, including The Varsity
  • Covered at U of T News (which was pitched to The Varsity in order to receive further coverage and dissemination to students – it was great to see that the coverage included the call for feedback), and then linked in the Bulletin (the faculty and staff e-news)
  • Shared through central U of T social media channels (with thousands of student followers), with calls for feedback
  • Shared through the provost’s weekly digest, which makes its way to academic units across the university for further dissemination at the local levels

I realize this is a comment piece and not meant to present hard facts, but it’s unfortunate that the piece is based at least partly on an incomplete understanding of what’s been done.  The university continues to encourage feedback. Feedback may be sent to

Althea Blackburn-Evans is U of T’s Director of News & Media Relations.

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