As the semester comes to an end, election results for most undergraduate and professional faculty societies have been released. This year, divisions were given the option to run internal elections for their representatives on the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) Board of Directors. The winners of these elections will be proposed for ratification at the UTSU’s first Annual Ratification Meeting to be held on April 20.

Innis College Student Society (ICSS)

Innis students elected Brianne Katz-Griffin as president, Elspeth Arbow as executive vice president, Troy Peschke as vice president, finance, and Teodora Pasca as vice president, internal. Cole Mellows ran unopposed for the UTSU Innis College director position.

New College Student Council (NCSC)

Next year’s NCSC president will be Nicholas Grant. Jordan Su won the election for vice president; administration; Aleena Au won vice president, finance; and Skye Daley won vice president, student life. The presidential and vice presidential candidates all ran unopposed.
During the UTSU elections, Sila Elgin, Nadine Abdel-Ghafar, and Nicholas Grant were elected as the three New College directors.

St. Michael’s College Student Union (SMCSU)

Next year’s SMCSU president will be Zach Nixon, with Jess Afonso as vice president. Their three UTSU Board of Directors members will be Georgina Merhom, Leanne Gruposso, and Damian Dibiase. SMCSU will also have a fall by-election.

Trinity College

Trinity College’s team next year will be comprised of Nish Chankar as female head of college; Anthony Marchese as male head of college; Chelsea Colwill as female head of arts; Thomas Robson as male head of arts; Joudy Sarraj as female head of non-resident affairs; and Basil Southey as male head of non-resident affairs. Next year’s Trinity College director for the UTSU Board of Directors will be Sarah Harrison.

University College Literary & Athletic Society (UC Lit)

Ramsay Andary was elected to the position of president in a close race against Matt Thomas, with 300 votes to Thomas’ 235. Daman Singh ran unopposed for the role of vice president. In the UTSU spring elections, Chimwemwe Alao, Ryan Hume, and Mira El Hussein were elected to the UTSU board.

Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council (VUSAC)

Rahul Christoffersen and Stuart Norton were elected co-presidents, with Steve Warner as vice president, external; Golda Greenspoon as vice president, internal; and Hannah Brennen as vice president, student organizations. Garnet Lollar and Stephanie Spagnuolo were elected to the UTSU Board of Directors during the UTSU spring elections.

Woodsworth College Students Association (WCSA)

Novera Khan was elected president along with six vice presidents: Radha Lamba will serve as vice president, internal affairs; Dylan Forgas as vice president, financial affairs; Miranda Li as vice president, athletic affairs; Minki Ryan Jeong as vice president, external affairs,;Sarah Bear as vice president, public relations; and Kristine Sarah Medrero as vice president, social affairs. Additionally, Sebastian Salomon, Christina Badiola, and Ahmad Ilyas were elected as UTSU directors.

Architecture and Visual Studies Student Union (AVSSU)

AVSSU elections begin April 7 and end on April 9. Christine Song is currently the only candidate running for president, and Skye Ece Ulusoy is the only vice president, visual studies candidate. Vice president, architecture is contested by Nirvika Tugnait and Jaime Ahn. Marienka Bishop-Kovac was elected to the UTSU Board of Directors during the UTSU spring elections.

Engineering Society (EngSoc)

The officer team elect of EngSoc consists of Milan Maljkovic as president; Andrew Boetto as vice president, finance; Colin Parker as vice president, communications; Samantha Stuart as vice president, academic; and Raneem Shammas as vice president, student life. Andrew Sweeny, Addy Bhatia, and Danja Papajani will serve on the UTSU Board of Directors.

Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association (FMUA)

Unofficial results for the FMUA spring election have announced Sophia Wang as president; Helen Geng as vice president, internal; Danielle Sum as vice president, communications; Jacob Feldman as vice president, external; Cristina Lanz as vice president, academic; and Nila Rajagopal as vice president, student life. Feldman is also the UTSU director for the Faculty of Music.

Kinesiology and Physical Education Undergraduate Association (KPEUA)

KPEUA members elected Ryan Schwenger as president and Richard Yu as vice president. The KPE director on the UTSU Board of Directors will be Naomi Maldonado-Rodriguez.

Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS)

Next year’s NUS executive members will be Angela Isoki as president, Felicia Zhang as director of communications, and Sohee Kang as senior director of finance. Katy Grundy will serve as the UTSU representative.

Students’ Law Society (SLS)

Sarah Bittman will serve with Katie Longo as vice president, student affairs and governance; Christina Liao as vice president, social affairs; and Aidan Fishman as the UTSU law director. All four ran unopposed.

UTSU directors

Six academic directors were elected, but due to the disqualification the 1UofT slate, the mathematical and physical sciences academic director position is currently vacant. Alissa Mirochnitchenko was elected for life sciences, Victoria Liao for humanities, Jacob Reinertson for computer science, Tsukasa Kikuchi for Rotman commerce, and Timothy Law for social sciences. The professional faculty at-large directors will be Faizan Akbani and Sophia Wang.

Additional director elects include Jin-Kyu ‘Justin’ Kim for medicine, Joshua Raisin for dentistry, Adriana Too for pharmacy, and Orvin Lao for theology. Theology only had three voters in total and dentistry only had two.

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