You’ve spent thousands of dollars on tuition, and it may seem as though all you’ve gotten out of it are too many assignments and a plastic ID card of a photo taken on a bad hair day. Believe it or not, your TCard can be used for more than just writing exams and paying for printing. Check out these places where you can use your TCard to get sweet student discounts.

The Coffee Lab — 13 per cent off

The Coffee Lab located at 333 Bloor Street West is a snazzy little coffee shop tucked away inside of Willow Books. This coffee shop is advertised as the smallest in Canada at only 52 square feet. However, the shop makes up for its size with their coffee. One key feature of the shop is their particular spin on the word ‘lab.’ They store coffee beans in test tubes and serve certain drinks in small glass beakers. In addition, they allow you to pick your beans for your beverage.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) — Free on Tuesdays

The ROM located at 100 Queen’s Park Avenue allows post-secondary students in for free every Tuesday. This only permits general admission, which means special exhibits are extra, but honestly, the permanent fixtures can already take hours to explore. The ROM is divided into different sections including galleries of Nubia, Egypt, and Chinese architecture. With its diversity and large galleries, the ROM has something that will pique anyone’s interest.

Shoppers Drug Mart — 20 per cent off on Thursdays 

The Shoppers Drug Mart located at 236 Bloor Street West offers students 20 per cent off for everything on Thursdays. Only this location provides this deal. This is great for students because it provides a discount on a variety of products, from toiletries and makeup to snacks and groceries.

Metro and Sobeys — 10 per cent off 

The Metro at 425 Bloor Street West offers students a 10 per cent discount every Tuesday and Wednesday. The Sobeys Urban Fresh at 777 Bay Street offers the same discount every day of the week, but you must also have an Air Miles card. They are both convenient for students living nearby to purchase groceries or stock up on snacks.

Bulk Barn — 10 per cent off on Wednesdays 

On Wednesdays, every Bulk Barn offers students 10 per cent off. They have large wells of candy, chocolate, pretzels, health food products, and much more, allowing customers to self-serve based on the amount they would like. This makes it easy for students to satisfy their sweet tooth or bulk up on snacks for exam time.

Insomnia — 20 per cent off

For those who like to go out to eat but want to save money, Insomnia is the place to be. Located at 563 Bloor Street West, it is a cross between a lounge and a restaurant. It offers 20 per cent off of all meals, except on weekends and holiday brunches. Their food is definitely worth your buck as it offers sizeable portions always served fresh. It also hosts a comfortable atmosphere with snug couches and cute fairy lights that are perfect for a date.

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