September 27: Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson releases the first video of his three-part YouTube lecture series speaking against political correctness and Bill C-16.

September 28: The Varsity reports on the video, which sparks national and international media attention.

October 5: Non-binary activists hold the “Teach-In and Rally” on campus to inform the public about trans and non-binary issues.

October 11:  “U of T Rally for Free Speech” is held. Conflict ensues and counter-protestors blasts white noise. Campus Police report threats made against trans students on campus.

October 16: The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) issues a statement calling for an inquiring into Campus Police what it calls a lack of action at the rally for free speech.

October 18: Arts and Science Dean David Cameron and Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life Sioban Nelson send Peterson a letter, requesting that he respect non-binary pronouns and refrain from making public statements.

October 24: Peterson releases videos on his YouTube channel confirming that the university will host a debate on Bill C-16 and free speech.

October 27: A second free speech rally is held outside of Simcoe Hall, just before the UTSU Annual General Meeting.

November 14: U of T announces the details of the debate. The university also confirms to The Varsity that an inquiry into Campus Police following the October 11 free speech rally is underway.

November 19: The debate on Bill C-16 and free speech is held. Peterson faces off against Law Professor Brenda Cossman and UBC Education Professor Mary Bryson, with Trinity College Provost Mayo Moran moderating. Non-binary activists boycott the debate using the hashtag #NotUpForDebate and hold a breakfast event at the same time.