Following a campaign against Nicholas Grant, New College Student Council’s (NCSC) only presidential candidate, a simple majority has voted no to his reelection.

Grant is currently the NCSC president. As an unopposed candidate, voters had the option of voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to reelect him. The NCSC constitution says only a simple majority is needed to win a position on the Council.

Grant lost with 79 per cent of the constituents voting no, 10 per cent voting yes, and 11 per cent spoiling their ballots. The total number of voters was 366 people this year, up from 185 last year.

The protests against Grant were run by the ‘No Excuse for Abuse: Vote No to Nick Grant’ campaign, which cited allegations against the candidate, all of which were denied by Grant. 

Grant expressed to The Varsity that he did not have any strong feelings about the result and criticized what he described as the “toxic and personal nature of attacks.”

-With files from Tom Yun