The holiday season brings with it cold weather, exams, new Starbucks cups, and ongoing anxiety to find the perfect gifts. One company has stepped in to help you find the best present for your meme-loving friends and family.

Dank Tank, founded by third-year Rotman student Jonathan Ge and his partner, Jason Wong, ‘meme-ify’ everyday products to give them a fresh twist. Alongside their team of five, including two “meme researchers,” Dank Tank is making the products you never knew you wanted.

In December 2016, Dank Tank launched their first product, Holy Méme Bible, an adult colouring and activity book that included all of the most viral memes of 2016. The first edition generated $200,000 in sales in just three weeks.

This year, Holy Méme Bible: New Testament showcases all of 2017’s most popular memes in over 60 pages of activities. From connecting the dots of Mocking SpongeBob to learning some meme trivia, the book inspires hours of fun.

New Testament also pokes fun at US President Donald Trump on several pages, which Ge attributes to his unpredictable and random nature. “In 2017, Trump himself perpetuated the meme game. He probably takes up five per cent of the total meme space,” says Ge.

If colouring is not your thing, Dank Tank also offers meme-inspired bath bombs. The current stock includes a fidget spinner bath bomb with the scent of Summer Berry, and one Cherry Blossom-scented bath bomb with the inscription “Send Nudes.”

Ge also hints at future designs that will include bath bombs in the shape of the Swirling Mr. Krabs meme, and another paying respect to the widely popular game The Floor Is Lava.

One of Dank Tank’s products is slightly different than the rest: the candles. “They’re not based off memes. Realistically, we call them Relatable Candles because their scent and text is meant to convey a certain meaning,” says Ge.

Candles such as the “smell of your bed sheets when you cry yourself to sleep at night” and the “smell of the perfume from the crush that you never got to ask out” will surely strike a chord with many.

Though Dank Tank only has three products currently for sale, Ge gave The Varsity some insight into its future developments. The Lean Méme Cuisine Cookbook, currently available for pre-order, offers close to 20 meme-inspired recipes, including Cashew Me Outside and the Idiot Sandwich.

Ge also reports that “condoms that look like sauce packets” will also be for sale sometime in 2018. The meme team also plans to release a meme encyclopedia that categorizes, describes, and provides information for over 300 different memes disseminated from 2003 to 2017.

“Memes are one of the most important pieces of our generation,” says Ge on his inspiration. From leading political movements to vouching for social change, Ge believes we have yet to reach the heights of meme culture’s success.

Despite the initial success of Dank Tank, Ge doesn’t have plans to leave school. He says he has a lot to learn, including marketing strategies and how to properly manage a company’s finances. Ge also attributes the optimization skills learned during his Rotman education as a key element that has helped his company’s financial gain.

“If you want to become an entrepreneur, just do it. You have to stop thinking, ‘This might not be a good idea,’” says Ge. “If you want to genuinely impress employers, start your own business. That shows strength and initiative,” he added.

Dank Tank’s products are the perfect gifts for this holiday season. Whether you choose the Holy Méme Bible, meme bath bombs, or the Relatable Candles, each item will certainly serve as a conversation starter, in addition to a practical purpose.

Ge guarantees that the recipient of any Dank Tank product will be surprised by your choice of gift.