UTM is currently undergoing a $17 million renovation project to update the biology, chemistry, and physics lab spaces housed in the Davis Building.

This undertaking is part of the Lab Innovation for Toronto (LIFT) project that began in July 2016. The project is a $190 million partnership between U of T and the provincial and federal governments to upgrade nearly half of U of T’s labs over the next two years. The university will pay $91.8 million, and the federal and provincial governments will contribute $83.7 million and $14.3 million, respectively.

UTM will use its funding to update its research facilities with newer equipment. According to The Medium, some of the renovated labs in the Davis Building have been combined to create larger, collaborative spaces. Upgraded fume hoods and machine ventilation to remove chemicals and agents from the air within the labs will be added.

Two of the labs, run by Professor Angela Lange and Assistant Professor Andrew Beharry, will see the installation of the new fume hoods as well as the installation of cell culture rooms, dedicated microscope suites, and quarantine rooms.

A significant portion of the funding will also go toward the installation of backup generators and new heating and air conditioning units.

Though the aesthetics from renovations are appealing, a well-functioning lab plays a key role in research developments.

The facilities were built in 1972, and the air handling and electrical systems were found to be inefficient. The aging system also required numerous repairs thattook significant time.

The LIFT project renovations to the Davis Building are expected to finish by this spring.