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Renovations to UTM Davis Building labs underway

Upgrades come as part of project aiming to upgrade nearly half of U of T labs

12 February, 2018
Can bilingualism give you intellectual power?

Popular belief that bilingualism benefits the brain should be questioned

15 October, 2017
Which came first: the science or the sci-fi?

In the world of science, fiction often lends a hand to fact

11 September, 2017
Insulin under the skin

Pancreatic cell transplants may hold the cure to type 1 diabetes

5 September, 2017
SickKids scientists restore muscle function of mice

CRISPR technology treats muscular dystrophy in mice

31 July, 2017
“The Canada Goose of lab coats”

U of T student startup Modadoro specializes in fashionable lab coat design

17 June, 2017
U of T students place first at Canadian drone competition

Team builds two-drone system to retrieve geese eggs

4 June, 2017
Blackwood Gallery exhibit integrates the observer into art itself

Julien Prévieux’s Elements of Influence uses eye-tracking
software to examine the significance of the gaze

13 March, 2017
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19 October, 2017