Gallop Jia Le Fan is a fourth-year engineering student at UTSG.  He is currently part of the U of T Robotics Association and the Blue Sky Solar Racing club.

Fan cited his experience as an engineering student and involvement with student clubs as being relevant to the VP Professional Faculties role.

I’ll be able to use my experience to know… the basic wants of professional faculty students and students of different years,” he said.

I’ve always had an interest in political activity since I was in high school. However, at the end of high school, [I was] sort of burned out and disinterested by the whole thing,” said Fan. “After coming to U of T and really enjoying the community and engineering society, I really want to try to give back.”

As VP Professional Faculties,  Fan said he would organize “a mixer for all professional faculties” because some UTSU events “are completely inaccessible to engineering timetables and schedules.”

I wanted to see what I can do as VP Pro Fac to help out everybody who is going to come after me, and [with] the U of T experience and the professional faculty experience,” said Fan.

Fan also identified the UTSU’s reputation as a key issue he would improve as VP Professional Faculties.

With files from George Kell and Jillian Schuler

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