Yasmine El Sanyoura is a fourth-year student in Architectural Studies at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. She currently works with the UTSU in her capacity as Director for Architecture and Visual Studies, and is the VP of External Affairs for the Architecture and Visual Studies Students Union.

If elected as VP Professional Faculties, El Sanyoura aims to reexamine the ways in which the UTSU can better serve students in professional facilities.

“[Professional] faculty students have unique challenges that they face in their studies and in their programs that can be different from Arts and Science students,” she said.

In particular, she wants to conduct a mental health audit of students in professional faculties in order to improve and specialize the services offered to them.

She has reached out to other professional faculties for their input and would continue doing so to determine how to equitably represent their interests.

— With files from Josie Kao

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