Yolanda Alfaro is a fourth-year Biology and Human Biology student. She is currently the President of the Innis College Student Society and was also co-coordinator of the UTSU’s orientation this past year.

Alfaro’s platform includes a restructuring of clubs funding to move the focus away from the  UTSU, mentioning concerns of how the current system places too much emphasis on “what the UTSU wants.”

In addition, Alfaro wants to revamp orientation, to ensure that they are not “doing the same old events every single year.”

With regards to clubs funding, Alfaro wants to ensure the right of students to feel safe on campus.

“In regards to controversial clubs, I feel that we wouldn’t be funding any clubs that directly take away the rights of students to feel safe on campus,” she said.    

She cited her experience with event planning as Innis President. We do the planning of a lot of events. We fund quite a few Innis clubs, so I have some experience in that realm.”