As the UTSU 2018 spring elections campaign period begins, the official candidates list from the elections’ Chief Returning Officer (CRO) reveals that most races are uncontested, and that the vast majority of them have members from Compass slate in the running. Of the 39 candidates running for positions, 28 are from Compass, two are from 🅱️oundless, and nine are running as independents.

There are only six contested positions in the election: the executive positions of President, Vice-President Internal, VP Campus Life, and VP Professional Faculties, as well as the Innis College Director and Trinity College Director positions. Every other position has the exact number of candidates required.

Additionally, there are five positions in which there is no candidate running at all.

Christopher Dryden, one of Compass’ candidates for Professional Faculty Director at-large, was eliminated from the race for not attending the All-Candidates Meeting. Compass presidential candidate Anne Boucher said that the slate will be appealing the CRO ruling to eliminate Dryden.

Additionally, Compass’ Rotman Commerce Director candidate Mehwish Siddiqui has yet to be confirmed as a legitimate candidate in the election. Boucher expects Siddiqui will be approved.

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