The search is on to replace professors Joseph Desloges and Donald Ainslie as the heads of Woodsworth College and University College (UC), respectively. Ainslie will continue in his role as co-chair of the Landmark Project.

In separate statements issued in May, the university wrote that the two principals are ineligible for re-appointment under the Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators because they are expected to complete their second terms by the end of this school year.

U of T Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regehr explained, “The way that our policy works is that, for all of these positions, people are appointed for a period of usually five years for their first appointment — although the policy says it can be up to seven, it’s usually five years — and then, following the review, they can be appointed for another five years,” referring to faculty members appointed to administrative roles.

Since their departures were announced, advisory committees have been set up to help look for new college heads. Members include Regehr, teaching staff, college students, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, among others.

Following nominations, interested applicants will undergo an interview process. From start to finish, no names are released to the public.

“We do confidential searches at the University of Toronto because what we want is to attract outstanding people who might be doing other kinds of interesting jobs that they feel very committed to, and they don’t want others to know in a public way that they are perhaps interested in something else,” explained Regehr.

Desloges has served as the principal of Woodsworth since 2008, and is also a professor in the Geography and Earth Sciences departments.

In its statement, the university lauded Desloges’ various achievements.

“Over the past decade, he has provided exceptional leadership of the College, upholding its emphasis on recruiting and supporting outstanding students from both traditional and non-traditional pathways.”

Ainslie has been the principal of University College since 2011. The university praised his accomplishments, stating, “As Principal, Professor Ainslie led University College through a revitalization planning process that resulted in the renovation project currently underway; enhanced resources for University College’s academic programs; rejuvenated alumni engagement; spearheaded University College’s very successful Boundless Campaign; and helped to create the Art Museum at the University of Toronto.”

Although Ainslie will no longer serve as the principal of UC, he will continue with his other roles within the university. In particular, Ainslie told The Varsity in an email that he “will be continuing as the academic co-lead of the Landmark Project, alongside Vice-President University Operations, Scott Mabury,” which aims to revitalize and pedestrianize parts of the St. George campus.

“In terms of other roles at U of T, I will continue to be a professor in the philosophy department. I have some sabbatical coming my way, so the first order of business will [be] finishing a book on the history of ethics,” continued Ainslie.

Desloges and Ainslie will finish their terms on June 30, 2019. Their successors are expected to take office the next day.

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