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Guide to the UTSC campus

Where to eat, study, and hang out
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UTSC has lots of amazing places on and around campus to check out when you’re not in class. Here is a look at some of my favourite spots to visit for food, to study, and for entertainment.

Food options

To start off my day, I normally head to the Meeting Place to get my morning calories and caffeine servings from Starbucks. A White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino and a cheese danish help get me through most early mornings. Gathering Grounds, a recently opened café in UTSC’s newest building, Highland Hall, also has some great options for breakfast and lunch.

For a healthy lunch option, I’ll sometimes stop by Fit for Life in the Student Centre for a sandwich or veggie wrap. If I’m feeling a bit more indulgent, I’ll go to Rex’s Den in the basement of the Student Centre for a classic poutine, or to Nasir’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, which is just outside of the Student Centre. Just note that most food places on campus close early, so be sure to grab a bite earlier during the day!

Study spaces

My go-to study spot on campus is the UTSC library, which has a lot of places to study — from the computers and group study rooms on the first floor to the quiet study areas and silent study rooms on the second floor. 

There are even more study spaces scattered across campus. The most recent additions are located in Highland Hall, which was designed with lots of common areas and study nooks. Since its construction, the building has been furnished with desks and lounge furniture for students to sit, study, and hang out.


After I’m finished with my classes and studying, I like to spend time with friends by trying out different activities on campus and around Scarborough.

I like to integrate exercise into my day by working out at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. This extensive sports centre has various classes and sports that you can sign up for, like yoga, swimming, and indoor soccer. If you’re more of a nature person, taking a walk through The Valley behind the Marketplace in the Humanities Wing, or in the nearby Morningside Park, is a great alternative to stay active. Both have incredible views of Highland Creek and the surrounding forest, especially in the fall.

I also love going to the Scarborough Town Centre to end the day with a night of shopping, dining, and movie-watching at the Cineplex theatre. You can get there directly by the UTSC bus stop, which makes for an easy trip.

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