It’s true — you can, in fact, have fun at U of T! The campus is home to much more than pre-exam dread and hallways filled with lecture handouts. Take your focus off of class by slipping these events into your calendar. 

Street Festival and Clubs Carnival

Yes, it’s just as good as it looks in those cheesy college movies! Catch a glimpse of student life at U of T by stopping by the brochure-laden tables and booths of various student groups. The Clubs Carnival will take place at King’s College Circle from 3:00–7:00 pm on September 4, while the Street Festival will run along St. George Street 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on September 11. The size and location of these events make them impossible to miss and easy to swing by. 

Learn about what the school’s electric car-racing team has been up to, realize your passion for contemporary films, or improve on your debating skills! This is your opportunity to find extracurriculars that will keep you motivated throughout the school year. Not to mention, there will be plenty of corporate tables that hand out free goodies like sunscreen samples and cup noodles. These events are not only for incoming students, but for anyone who wants to see what student life at U of T is all about.


This annual week-long festival includes cross-campus events and activities exclusively for U of T students. Celebrate the winter (even though it’s hosted during the post-holiday-season!) with free pancakes, drag shows, open mic events, and club nights! Events are often hosted by different colleges, so be sure to follow their Facebook pages to keep track of event details and updates. The shows hosted during this week are fantastic opportunities to show off your poetry and drag style. You can attend as a spectator or participant. Winterfest is the upsized spirit week your high school wished it had.

Annual book sales

Find the right book at the right price at these on-campus book sales. Taking place every fall, Victoria College, St. Michael’s College, University College, and Trinity College each host their own sale, with proceeds going to their respective libraries. Each year, these sales collectively offer hundreds of thousands of donated books, music, movies, and other items. Overwhelmed? Don’t be! The materials are sorted by volunteers to fit into an array of scholarly and general categories. The variety and arrangement also make these sales a popular place to spot signed first editions, unique art books, and curious tales. Donations for the sales are accepted on a year-round basis, so drop by to donate and buy for a good cause.

Your experience at U of T is a product of your agency. Events across three campuses are hosted for your enjoyment and your benefit, so take advantage of them! Though the school is known for its academic rigour, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun in pursuit of a degree. Pick and choose your courses, events, and extracurriculars wisely to make your U of T experience the best it can be.