SCSU election recount ends with VISION UTSC victory

WENITED wins one executive race, VISION UTSC sweeps remaining executive seats
From left to right: Kanitha Uthayakumar, Bruce Chan, TJ Ho. Photos courtesy of WENITED and VISION UTSC.
From left to right: Kanitha Uthayakumar, Bruce Chan, TJ Ho. Photos courtesy of WENITED and VISION UTSC.

The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) has released the final results for its 2020 elections, following a delay in results for a number of positions due to an automatic vote recount that was triggered following small victory margins. VISION UTSC, one of the two slates in the running, swept the executive positions, with its candidates elected in the contested and recounted Vice-President Equity and Vice-President Operations races — won by Kanitha Uthayakumar and Bruce Chan, respectively. WENITED, the opposing slate, won one executive position with its Vice-President Campus Life candidate TJ Ho.

The vote recount was triggered automatically in races within a five per cent victory margin. Uthayakumar won by 867 votes, 18 more than her opponent, and Chan won by a slightly larger margin of 37 votes, with 898 in favour.

Ho won the race for Vice-President Campus Life with 882 votes, which was 45 more than his VISION UTSC opponent.

Two positions were uncontested in the election for directors, both of whom were on the WENITED slate: Aimen Kashif representing anthropology and Angelesha Nandini Mendis for English. The recounted director positions went largely to VISION UTSC candidates, including the directors representing health studies, biological sciences, and human geography. WENITED claimed the French & linguistics directorship in the recount.

President-elect Sarah Mohamed’s slate, VISION UTSC, had already claimed victories with Lulu Gemma elected as Vice-President Academics & University Affairs and Eesha Chaudhry as Vice-President External.

Editor’s Note (February 23, 11:49 am): This article has been changed to correct the margin by which Chan won.

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