The results of the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU) elections were released on April 21 after they were called off and restarted, as the elections code did not comply with UTGSU bylaws. Elections ran from April 17–21, and saw a total voter turnout of 3.7 per cent out of 18,779 possible voters — a slight decrease from last year’s voter turnout of 5.1 per cent. 

For the two uncontested positions, Dhanela Sivaparan was elected Academics and Funding Commissioner Divisions 1 & 2, with 437 votes in favour, and Lwanga Musisi was elected University Governance Commissioner with 432 votes in favour. 

June Li was elected Academics and Funding Commissioner Divisions 3 & 4, with 282 votes in favour — over 100 votes more than each of the other two candidates. Danielle Karakas was elected Civics & Environment Commissioner by a margin of roughly 150 votes over the other two candidates, with 269 votes in favour, and Jacqui Spencer was elected External Commissioner with 312 votes — 88 more than the other candidate. Finally, Lynne Alexandrova was elected Internal Commissioner by a margin of 38 votes, with 252 votes in favour.

Musisi was the only incumbent from last year’s executive to win re-election, though Alexandrova previously served on the executive committee as internal commissioner for a partial term in 2018 before being voted out of office.