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U of T extends pay continuity policy to on-campus workers, in light of COVID-19 pandemic

Workers will be paid until April 5 — little indication of what comes next

29 March, 2020
UTSU executive candidates debate focuses on accessibility and equity

Debate moved online to encourage social distancing

22 March, 2020
U of T encourages employees to work at home, labs to close

Some employees required to continue working, Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) to include program requirements

17 March, 2020
UTSU candidate profiles: Vice-President Equity

Alexandra McLean, Vibhuti Kacholia

16 March, 2020
Day into voting period, UTGSU Council calls off elections

Council rules elections illegitimate, cycle to begin again

10 March, 2020
UTMSU candidate profile: Vice-President Equity

Noha Farawi (Connect UTM)

8 March, 2020
UTMSU candidate profiles: Vice-President Internal

Fahad Dayala (Connect UTM), Med Kane (Independent)

8 March, 2020
U of T developing COVID-19 working group, defers specifics to faculties, campuses

No central policy for university response to the virus

8 March, 2020
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