Amid COVID-19 quarantine requirements for students travelling to Canada from abroad, U of T has announced plans to provide quarantine spaces, transport from the airport, and regular health check-ins. 

The government requires that anyone entering Canada self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms for 14 days. If a new or returning student cannot complete the mandatory quarantine in their own space, the university will help students access a quarantine space.

Students must apply for quarantine space through the website, and rooms are expected to be available August 15.

Students will not have to pay for their quarantine accommodation, but a $350 cancellation fee will apply if a student does not cancel more than 48 hours in advance. However, students who are turned away from the border are exempt from the fee. If a student is moving to Canada with dependents or family members, the costs of additional people will not be covered. 

The quarantine space provided to students will be a private hotel or residence room, with meals three times a day and additional supplies, such as hand sanitizer. An additional cost may occur if a student’s 14-day quarantine ends before their residence move-in date and they choose to stay until they can move in. 

The current emergency quarantine order is set to expire on August 31. “We do not know if this will be extended once again,” wrote a U of T spokesperson to The Varsity. “Due to this, students should have a plan for quarantine after August 31 as a precaution.” Students will be able to participate in virtual activities, including co-curricular and recreational programming while in quarantine.