COVID-19 and Instagram have a complicated relationship, don’t they? Many feeds and profiles are either filled with outdated photos or posts of home interiors. Personally, I’m someone who isn’t satisfied with posting pictures of their own room. They don’t look quite as nice as Naples, Italy or the colourful markets of Argentina, where we might have otherwise spent our summer. 

So when you get back to Toronto, whether it’s for the fall or winter semester, these outdoor street murals can help brighten and refresh your feed. They might even help soothe your eyes after dreaded midterms or hours of staring at coursework. 

1. King Street

First off, we’re going to King Street to get our own wings. Street artist Colette Miller painted another set of her angel wings, perfect for the ambiance of the street. You’ll feel connected to the rest of the world as you pose. Miller’s Global Angel Wings Project started eight years ago “to remind humanity that we are the Angels of this Earth,” and her works can now be found across five continents.

In person, you can pose to look like you have wings in a range of blues, light to dark, bordered by stunning white tips. It has perfect ‘Instagrammability,’ and, hopefully, it makes you feel amazing. 

Looking to fly? Check out this King Street mural! SAMANTHA YAO/THE VARSITY

Location: 367 King Street West

2. Strange Love Coffee’s

Strange Love’s Coffee’s beautiful tribute to the city is a must-see. In bright pink, the word ‘Toronto’ has been blazed across the south wall with a chunky drop shadow, emphasizing the work. The letters are completely jumbled around and barely look like the name of the city. It also says, “We don’t take naps,” so take that advice as you please. Pretty solid Instagrammability, and the yellow and pink combo looks amazing.

Location: 101 Spadina Avenue

New York might be the city that never sleeps, but Toronto doesn’t nap. SAMANTHA YAO/THE VARSITY

3. The “Make Good Mural” 

This is another stunning and vibrant piece that surely brings smiles all year round. You’ve got loads of angles and spaces to find that unique photo; it’s a big mural, covering the full side wall of a three-story building. Enjoy this one and its busy nature and creative feel — controlled chaos will make this photo stand out.

Location: 835 Bloor Street West

4. Kensington Market

This next location is technically two opportunities in one, and, having been to Kensington Market earlier this year, it’s pretty cool. The first is the “garden car” parked on the road with plants growing freely inside. The old car’s exterior is bright and was repainted only a few years ago. 

The second photo-op is at the towering and detailed painting of a woman, which seems to be based on Alphonse Mucha’s style. You can get creative with this intricate and powerful artwork.

Location: Oxford Street and Augusta Avenue

An eco-friendly and Instagrammable instillation. SAMANTHA YAO/THE VARSITY

5. Graffiti Alley 

Last, but certainly not least, is Graffiti Alley. Famous and bold, Google Maps even labels it an “art gallery.” Home to the artwork of many incredible artists who love the city, this is a location best explored for yourself. Highly, highly, Instagrammable. Find your spot and be grateful for the talent behind it.

Location: Graffiti Alley, just south of Queen’s Street

Graffiti Alley is an iconic Toronto locale. SAMANTHA YAO/THEVARSITY