Protests during a pandemic definitely have a different feel. The Climate Strike on Friday was no different. Protestors wore masks and tried their best to maintain a safe physical distance between each other.

Despite the restrictions placed on them, the protesters were able to get their message across. There were three microphones set up at different spots around the intersection, where many different speakers of all different ages and backgrounds stood to get their message across. They not only spoke to the protestors about ways to contribute to the movement fighting the climate crisis, but also promoted other important movements happening in the GTA that are looking for more support.

Some protestors chose to sit, holding their signs above their heads, while others stood in groups, holding up larger signs and waving flags. Many stood together on the corners of the sidewalks, discussing what we as individuals can do to combat the climate crisis as well as what needs to be done by politicians and big companies. 

It was very inspiring to see how, despite everything going on in the world, people are still finding ways to stand up for what they believe is important.