Welcome back to Food for Thought! Today’s recipe is a whipped coffee by Mona, full recipe and ingredients below or visit https://thevarsity.ca/2020/10/04/food-for-thought-drinks-edition/

For the brew:
☞ Your favourite ground coffee beans
☞ Hot water
☞ A large mason jar/french press

For the whipped coffee — also known as dalgona coffee:
☞ 1 tablespoon instant coffee
☞ 1 tablespoon brown sugar
☞ 1 tablespoon warm water
☞ 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

☞ Preferred milk

☞ A frother, whisk, handmixer, or fork

1. Brew your coffee, set aside to cool (we did a hot brew)
2. Whip the rest of the ingredients in a bowl or cup until mixture reaches a fluffy, meringue-like consistency
3. Add ice, coffee, milk, and top it off with the whipped coffee!
4. Stir, serve and drink

Tips from Chef Dina: don’t shy away from the sugar or let the whipped coffee sit too long before topping off

Director: Dina Dong
Producer: Ori Gilboa
Camera Operators: Abby Dollries & Ana Pereira
Editor: Abby Dollries