Outdoor activities have been hard to come by for many thanks to COVID-19 lockdown measures. But with the flurry of snow the city experienced in recent weeks, the temptation has never been stronger to experience the joys of activities such as tobogganing. 

Here are some of the best tobogganing hills in Toronto for you and your family and friends to shred some snow — while following appropriate public health protocols!

Riverdale Park East

Address: 550 Broadview Avenue, Toronto

Starting off with a recognizable spot, Riverdale Park East — not to be confused with Riverdale Park West on the other side of the Don Valley Parkway — is home to one of the most popular tobogganing spots in the city. 

The park has a wide but rather steep descent, allowing for a speedy ride with the wind blowing into your face. And, of course, we cannot forget the gorgeous view of the Toronto skyline the park has to offer.

Centennial Park

Address: 256 Centennial Park Road, Etobicoke

While Centennial Park in Etobicoke is better known for its skiing, snowboarding, and summer sports facilities, it is also home to an exhilarating tobogganing hill. The lone hill offers a steep descent that reaches breakneck speeds and can only be tamed by the most experienced tobogganers. 

There is also an ‘unofficial’ tobogganing hill in the park that offers an even steeper and faster ride, but it comes with a couple of caveats. Because people have been injured trying to toboggan there, precautions have been put in place to keep tobogganers away.

Christie Pits

Address: 750 Bloor Street West, Toronto

A stone’s throw away from Koreatown, Christie Pits offers a wide variety of hills for the thrill-seekers. There are slopes that provide a speedy ride down and slopes that are child friendly, which provide a gradual but fun ride. Bickford Park on the other side of Bloor Street also has three hills to toboggan on if Christie Pits is too busy.

L’Amoreaux North Park

Address: 1900 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough

For the east-enders of the city, L’Amoreaux North Park, near the intersection of Kennedy Road and McNicoll Avenue, offers a low-key yet fun tobogganing adventure. On the site of a former First Nations village, the hills here offer a steep ride with long run-outs. The park itself also offers many scenic trails for all-season trekking.

Linus Park

Address: 125 Seneca Hill Drive, North York

Located in North York, Linus Park is a popular spot for families. While it is neither the steepest nor fastest tobogganing hill in the city, it is long and wide with plenty of space for even the busiest of days. This is also a great spot for some night-time tobogganing as the hills are brightly lit and offer some great viewpoints of the Toronto skyline.