Lai Wei (Build Back Better)

Lai Wei is a fourth-year student studying finance and economics who is running unopposed for vice-president internal of the University of Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU) on the Build Back Better slate. 

Wei has been involved with the UTMSU before as a member of the Board of Directors and an organizer for a Chinese volunteer group. 

Through her work, Wei “realized the importance of addressing student needs and protecting student rights on campus” and will dedicate her tenure to improving the student experience and making sure that UTM students have the best university experience possible. 

As an international student, Wei is dedicated to improving the experiences of international students on campus. One way she plans to do this is by establishing a roundtable for international students at UTM, which would help with development and advocacy for international students, who might deal with issues like higher tuition fees, poor access to health care services, and difficulties finding housing. 

“It’s a huge challenge for them to adapt to [a] different culture and environment,” said Wei. She also hopes that through her work with the international student community, she can help international students integrate into the university community.

The voting period for UTMSU elections will run from March 16–18.