Oh, the sex world. 

Within this complex place, there are plenty of mood setters you can carry in your arsenal to elevate your intimate moments. These mood setters don’t need to be part of an array of toys you take with you at the promise of a hookup — music, for instance, can be just as effective at igniting a spark that leads to a mindblowing night. 

Or, you know, keeps your roommate from hearing you do the dirty. 

This includes — but is obviously not limited to — a stellar sex playlist. Simply pressing shuffle on your songs may lead to you unwillingly getting down with One Direction playing in the background. However, if you carefully choose your music, it can be an absolute game changer. 

There’s also the obvious advantage of drowning out any not-so-sexy sounds. 

So, what exactly differentiates a good playlist from a bad one?

For starters, make sure that the music you choose compliments the mood you’re trying to convey. If you’ve got extra time on your hands or if you’re truly dedicated to the craft, you can create different playlists for different types of sex. Let’s be honest; Valentine’s Day sex with your partner and a drunken Tinder hookup may need different music. 

Ideally, the music should fade into the background and enhance your senses, not make you drift away from the moment. Something as simple as a tune to throw on in the background can help enhance the physical and psychological aspects of sex. 

Instrumentals are also debatably one of the most important aspects of a sex playlist. Music that has a build up can ignite excitement and add another sensory response to your experience. 

Studies have also shown that listening to music can be a great stress reliever. Stress has no place in the bedroom; allowing yourself to free your mind can amplify your sexual pleasure. 

Now, let’s get into the kind of music you want to add to your playlist.

Obviously, people may have varying music preferences, especially for an activity as intimate as sex. But there are unspoken general rules that I highly recommend you follow.

For starters, pick songs that are universally enjoyed. No one wants to listen to your underground indie artist who sounds like they record their music in the backseat of their car, Brandon.

Now is not the time to be pretentious or play songs that you want the other person to give their full attention to. Music can be enticing and all-consuming on its own, but you’d typically want your partner to focus on you rather than the lyrics. 

You can choose music that has more vulgar lyrics and explicitly talks about sex. Or — perhaps the more effective route — you can add music that has a beat that matches the tempo you want to move to. Rarely will you be giving 100 per cent of your focus to the music, but the beat is going to be in the background of every move you and your partner make. 

Your partner is also a crucial element when making your choices. If you’re in a relationship or having sex with the same person consistently, throw in a few songs that you know they personally enjoy. Having music that both you and your partner get consumed by will allow for both parties to reap the benefits. 

All things considered, R&B tends to be a go-to for nearly every sex playlist that I’ve encountered. When in doubt, The Weeknd, Summer Walker, and Rihanna are all safe bets to get down and dirty to. 

There are plenty of advantages to adding a bit of music into your sex life. Taking a shot at making a sex playlist might just activate the feeling you want to keep when having sex. 

As long as both you and your partner are having fun, there’s no harm in spicing up the night.